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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Invel?

Established in 1992, Invel is a Medical Technology company with a primary focus on developing and researching FAR-INFRARED Technology. One of our biggest contributions to human health has been the development of the MIG3 Bioceramic. All Invel products are embedded with the patented MIG3 Bioceramic that is proven to stimulate Nitric Oxide production that temporary increase local blood circulation which brings benefits to health, recovery, relaxation and beauty.

How do Invel products work?
What is MIG3 Bioceramic?
How long must the product be used for maximum effects?
Does Invel have to touch my skin for a greater effect?
Will I feel Invel working?
Does the Invel MIG3 technology wear off with use?
Does the Invel MIG3 technology wear off with use?
What has been done to prove that Invel works?
Clinical trials accomplished can be viewed at
Is Invel approved by the FDA?
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