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Invel Usa

Invel® Active Bandage - Traditional - 15cm

Invel® Active Bandage - Traditional - 15cm

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Far-Infrared Activewear Bandage Wrap – Experience Therapeutic Relief

The Far-Infrared Activewear Bandage Wrap is a revolutionary orthotic accessory, enriched with Invel’s cutting-edge MIG3® technology. Crafted to facilitate Far-Infrared Therapy's therapeutic effects, this 6-inch-thick wrap is designed to enhance well-being and promote recovery.

Key Features:

  • MIG3® Technology Integration: Infused with Invel's proprietary MIG3® technology, this bandage wrap harnesses the body's natural heat to improve blood circulation when in contact with the skin. This activation aims to promote overall wellness and relief from discomfort.

  • Clinical Endorsement: Invel follows FDA wellness category guidelines, ensuring the reliability and efficacy of the product. Clinically proven benefits emphasize improved blood circulation, muscle recovery, and potential relief from aches.

Therapeutic Benefits:

  • Enhanced Blood Circulation: Activation of the MIG3® technology upon skin contact enhances blood circulation around the affected area. Improved blood flow contributes to a smoother skin appearance and alleviates discomfort and muscle aches.

  • Muscle Recovery and Fatigue Reduction: By stimulating nitric oxide production, the MIG3® Bioceramic Technology encourages increased blood flow. This assists in supplying more oxygen to muscles, facilitating faster recovery, reducing fatigue, and minimizing soreness.

Invel's Commitment:

Invel's Far-Infrared Activewear Bandage Wrap is meticulously engineered with patented technology to support wellness. Its therapeutic properties and scientifically-proven benefits focus on enhancing circulation and promoting overall body recovery.

Experience the advantages of Far-Infrared Therapy through the innovative Far-Infrared Activewear Bandage Wrap – an effective solution for improved circulation, muscle recovery, and relief from discomfort, supporting a more active and comfortable lifestyle.


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