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Invel Usa

Far-Infrared Pants – Women’s “Senne” Infrared Slacks – Far-Infrared Dress Pants

Far-Infrared Pants – Women’s “Senne” Infrared Slacks – Far-Infrared Dress Pants

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Far-Infrared Pants – Women’s “Senne” Infrared Slacks – Elevate Comfort and Wellness

The Women’s “Senne” Far-Infrared Dress Pants are infused with Invel’s groundbreaking MIG3® technology, derived from the therapeutic benefits of traditional Far-Infrared Therapy light lamps. When these innovative pants come into contact with the skin, their mineral compound, driven by the body's natural warmth, activates and promotes enhanced blood circulation.

Key Features:

  • MIG3® Technology: Incorporating Invel’s MIG3® technology, these dress pants aim to optimize well-being through improved blood circulation. This technology-driven enhancement is intended to promote smoother and more consistent skin appearance.

Therapeutic Benefits:

  • Improved Circulation: The MIG3® technology, activated by body heat, endeavors to augment blood circulation around the legs. This enhancement aims to support a more uniform and refined appearance of the skin over time.

Promoting Comfort and Wellness:

  • Enhanced Wellness: By leveraging the body's natural warmth, these far-infrared dress pants aspire to offer a harmonious blend of comfort and therapeutic benefits. The focus on improved circulation aims to contribute to a more balanced and comfortable experience while wearing these slacks.

The Far-Infrared Pants – Women’s “Senne” Infrared Slacks – Far-Infrared Dress Pants with MIG3® technology present an innovative blend of fashion and wellness. The integration of cutting-edge technology seeks to promote enhanced circulation, fostering comfort and potential skin appearance improvements.

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