Bioceramic MIG3 Technology increases localized nitric oxide production that improves oxygenation and blood flow assisting in the removal of pro-inflammatory substances, known to cause aching sensations.

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Invel patent Mig3 bioceramic technology stimulates localized nitric oxide production, improving blood circulation and muscle relaxation helping you sleep and recharge better.

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Bioceramic MIG3 Technology increases the localized nitric oxide production, improving blood circulation that helps to deliver more oxygen and nutrients to tissues assisting in recovering from arduous workouts while enhancing the appearance of your skin.

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how it WORKS

Bioceramic MIG3  Technology

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Premium Far-infrared Technology

What is Invel?

Invel is a medical technology company whose primary focus is to develop and research Far-Infrared Technology. One of our greatest contributions to human health has been the development of the MIG3 Bioceramic. All of the Invel products are embedded with the patented MIG3 Bioceramic that has been proven over the years to bring health benefits to those who come in contact with the fabric. The MIG3 Bioceramic minerals stimulate Nitric Oxide production in your body, leading to improved blood circulation and an increase in oxygen to the muscles and tissues, helping people recover, recharge, and experience relief.

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Invel - Bioceramic Active Compound MIG3®

How It's Made







Nitric Oxide Molecules of Life

Benefits of Nitric Oxide

Improve Blood Circulation

  • Enable Muscle Recovery
  • Improve O2 to Muscles
  • Cell Recovery
  • Reduces Muscle Fatigue
  • Better Skin Appearance
  • Improve Sleep Quality

    Certification and Quality from health organization

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