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The University of Chubu in Nagoya, Japan, through the elite group of Biomaterials researchers in partnership with IITP® researchers, developed the best and most controlled inorganic mineral blend capable of being incorporated into fabrics through a rigorous industrial process.


The Bioceramic Active Compound MIG3®, (Inorganic Mineral Goen3), is formulated by Magnesium Oxides, Silicon, Alumina and other ceramic elements that irradiate the Infrared frequency (3 to 14,8 μm).


To guarantee its benefits to the users, Invel® has patented a method of incorporating the minerals into the fabric fibers to ensure that MIG3® is effective. The fabric is heated by the human body and produces the gas transmitter, nitric oxide, making it responsible for the improvement of oxygenation and maintenance of blood flow.

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