Bioceramic Help for Holiday Stress

Bioceramic Help for Holiday Stress

Holiday Stress Causes

Holiday stress can come from many different sources. It’s lovely to be around relatives! But sometimes those interactions can be stressful. That, coupled with the various events and engagements can be tiring, and could potentially disrupt set workout schedules that normally keep you sane.

Added to that, any diet you were sticking to is definitely in danger of being taken over by holiday meals  – from Thanksgiving to New Years, it’s feast after feast of delicious, but definitely not the healthiest foods.  

And then, the cost of it all can be overwhelming: flying to visit loved ones, buying gifts, going to all of the parties, it may seem like a never ending assault on your wallet.

The amount of cortisol, the stress hormone our body produces, increases during this time. Cortisol can weaken your immune system, affect you at a cellular level, and has even been shown to negatively impact the aging process. 

Thankfully there are methods to deal with this stress.

Stress Management Techniques


Do a couple of simple yoga poses – relaxing poses like chid’s pose, sleeping pigeon, and down dog can calm and recenter you.


Sit in meditation for 5 minutes – There are a few apps that can help, like insight timer, pacifica, calm, headspace. 


Get your heart rate up – preferably with some aerobic exercise and not an argument with a relative. Try instead a brisk walk or light jog around the block. 


Regulate your sleep – stick to a standard bed time, avoiding screens for 30 minutes before. Dim lights, and make sure the room temperature is cool.


Coupled with the suggestions above, our clothes can help you rebound from the stress life places on your body. We have stylish offerings that can take you from the office holiday party to early morning gift opening with your family.

Happy Holidays from Invel!

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