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Invel North America

Invel® Active Underwear Performance Recovery Underwear

Invel® Active Underwear Performance Recovery Underwear

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With boxer modeling, the Invel® Underwear is made from cotton fabric, making it a comfortable and soft piece to wear. Its fabric contains the patented MIG3® Bioceramic technology.


Product composition The Invel® Activive Boxer is made with fabric composed of 90% Polyamide and 10% Elastane. Indication for use Invel Activive Boxer is indicated as an adjuvant treatment to improve local blood microcirculation. Protects the intimate parts of the body, presenting the concept of a product differentiated by the materials used. It is very comfortable, being made from soft fabric with a smooth texture. Action of Bioceramics® MIG3® The Invel® Actiive Boxer is made with Bioceramics® MIG3® Invel® Fabric, has thermal and biostimulation properties. The Invel® Activive Boxer has the ability to absorb heat and radiate it in the form of long Infrared waves with a length ranging from 3 to 14 microns and 0.84 emissivity, providing an increase in local temperature and promoting the desired thermoregulation . The superficial heat promoted by the Invel® Activive Boxer Fabric is the result of a photochemical effect. It occurs due to increased tissue perfusion promoted by heat, greater blood supply to the penile region. Instructions for use The Invel® Activive Boxer can be used daily at home, at work, during physical exercise and even when sleeping. Storage Conditions Invel® Activive Boxer must be stored at room temperature, in a dry, clean place, protected from excessive humidity and the action of chemical agents. Handling Conditions The Invel® Activive Boxer must only be washed with cold water and neutral soap without using bleach or stain remover, it must not be ironed or dry cleaned. Invel® Activive Boxer should not come into contact with sharp, sharp objects and rough surfaces, otherwise there is a risk of permanently damaging the product. Warnings and Precautions Special care must be taken when using Invel® Activive Boxer in bloody areas (wounds). These areas must be previously protected, avoiding direct contact of the underwear with the wound. People with a history of hypersensitivity to the product's components should avoid use or contact. This product can withstand up to 100 washes. Contraindication This product is contraindicated for people with a history of allergies to polyamide, elastane and Bioceramics®. Cleaning and Care Invel® Activive Boxer must be washed in cold water without using bleach or stain remover, and must not be ironed or dry cleaned. Indefinite Shelf Life (24 months from the beginning of use of the product). Invel® considers the date of the product's sales invoice as the start of use. ANVISA/MS Registration No.: 81322470003
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