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Invel North America

Invel® Active Traditional Boxer UNISEX

Invel® Active Traditional Boxer UNISEX

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Experience the natural enhancement of local blood circulation with Invel® Men’s Boxers. Designed by doctors and leading medical professionals, these boxers feature Invel MIG3® Bioceramic Far-Infrared technology, capturing your natural energy and converting it into premium far-infrared rays. This process induces local vasodilation of blood vessels, effectively increasing blood circulation in the targeted area.

Key Features:

  • Medical Engineering: Crafted by experts in the field, Invel® Men’s Boxers are engineered to promote natural blood circulation.
  • Invel MIG3® Technology: Harness the power of Invel MIG3® Bioceramic Far-Infrared technology to boost well-being.
  • Continuous Treatment: Experience increased local circulation upon contact, ensuring your intimate areas receive therapeutic benefits throughout the day.
  • Always Ready: With Invel® Men’s Therapeutic Boxers, be prepared for optimal comfort and well-being at all times.

Elevate your daily comfort and health with Invel® Men’s Therapeutic Boxers – where science meets style.

Invel follows the FDA wellness category guidelines
Medical Information:
Benefits of Far-infrared Invel - Enable Muscle Recovery, Improve O2 to muscles, Improve Blood Circulation
How does it work:
Far Infrared Invel How it Works
Product DNA:
Nitric Oxide Results Invel
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