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Invel® Active Insole Traditional Insoles with Bioceramic MIG3® Far-Infrared Technology

Invel® Active Insole Traditional Insoles with Bioceramic MIG3® Far-Infrared Technology

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Invel® Active Insole Traditional Insoles: Elevate Your Comfort and Well-being with Bioceramic MIG3® Far-Infrared Technology

Live in comfort and embrace an active lifestyle with Invel's revolutionary Active Insole Traditional Insoles. Crafted with the patented MIG3® Technology, these insoles provide a natural, safe, and non-invasive solution to keep you comfortable and active throughout the day. Invel is committed to helping you reach your maximum potential daily, and the Active Insole Traditional Insoles are designed to support your well-being effectively.

Key Features:

Bioceramic MIG3® Far-Infrared Technology:

At the heart of the Invel® Active Insole Traditional Insoles lies the patented MIG3® Technology. This innovative feature harnesses far-infrared therapy, stimulating Nitric Oxide production and improving vasodilation and blood circulation for a comprehensive well-being experience.

Proven Benefits:

Improved Blood Pressure:

By capturing and reflecting the body's natural heat, these orthotic inserts have demonstrated effectiveness in improving blood pressure, contributing to overall cardiovascular health.

Enhanced Muscle Recovery:

The MIG3® Bioceramic Technology has been clinically studied and shown to promote increased blood flow by stimulating nitric oxide production, a vital molecule for your body. This aids in reducing muscle fatigue and enhancing muscle recovery.

Usage Guidelines:

Daily Comfort and Support:

Invel® Active Insole Traditional Insoles are designed for daily wear, providing ongoing comfort and support to your feet, allowing you to stay active without compromising on well-being.

Patented Technology:

FDA Wellness Category Guidelines:

Invel follows the FDA wellness category guidelines, ensuring that the Active Insole Traditional Insoles meet the highest standards of safety and efficacy in promoting well-being.

Determined by the FDA to be a general wellness product.
Medical Information:
Benefits of Far-infrared Invel - Enable Muscle Recovery, Improve O2 to muscles, Improve Blood Circulation
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Far Infrared insoles Recomended for
Do you suffer from Swelling, Soreness, Tiredness or Cramping legs?
Invel’s Insoles are proven to increase your body’s Nitric Oxide production and improve your blood circulation assisting with the removal of pro-inflammatory substances, known to cause aching sensations. Invel Insoles increase the amount of oxygen and nutrients delivered to the affected area.
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