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Invel® Active Socks - Medical - 3/4 - Unisex (for rest) - Pair

Invel® Active Socks - Medical - 3/4 - Unisex (for rest) - Pair

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Recommended for everyday use, it prevents swelling in the legs and acts as an aid in the treatment of muscle fatigue. Made with MIG3® Bioceramic technology, which is activated upon contact with the skin, by capturing and reflecting the body's natural heat, it improves blood microcirculation and muscle recovery, helps in the removal of inflammatory substances, which influence painful sensations, increases the amount of oxygen and nutrients in the affected area. It is registered with Anvisa.


Product Composition Invel® Activive Socks are made with fabric composed of 90% Polyamide and 10% Elastane. Indication for use Invel® Activive Socks is indicated as an adjunct in the treatment of muscle fatigue and leg pain. Action of Bioceramics® MIG3® Invel® Actiive Socks are made with Bioceramics® MIG3® Invel® Fabric, has thermal and biostimulation properties. Invel® Activive Socks have the ability to absorb heat and radiate it in the form of long Infrared waves with a length ranging from 3 to 14.8 microns and 0.84 emissivity, providing an increase in local temperature and promoting term desired setting. The surface heat promoted by the Invel® Activive Socks Fabric is the result of a photochemical effect. It occurs due to the increase in tissue perfusion promoted by heat, aid in the removal of substances that cause pain and the increase in oxygen supply to the area. Using the product does not cure the disease, but it is an auxiliary resource in the treatment of muscle fatigue and leg pain. The heat promoted by long infrared radiation alleviates painful symptoms, preparing the affected region for the application of other traditional therapies. Instructions for Use Invel® Activive Socks can be used daily at home, at work, during physical exercise and even when sleeping. Storage Conditions Invel® Activive Socks must be stored at room temperature, in a dry, clean place, protected from excessive humidity and the action of chemical agents. Handling Conditions Invel® Activive Socks should only be washed with cold water and neutral soap without using bleach or stain remover, and should not be ironed or dry cleaned. Invel® Activive Socks should not come into contact with sharp, sharp objects and rough surfaces, otherwise there is a risk of permanently damaging the product. Warnings Special care must be taken when using Invel® Activive Socks in raw areas (wounds). These areas must be previously protected, avoiding direct contact of the socks with the wound. People with a history of hypersensitivity to the product's components should avoid use or contact. The use of this product has not been evaluated in patients with skin lesions in the region, in patients with fibromyalgia syndrome and in patients undergoing surgical treatments in the lower limb region. This product can withstand up to 100 washes. Contraindication This product is contraindicated for people with a history of allergies to polyamide, elastane and Bioceramics®. Cleaning and Care Invel® Activive Socks should be washed in cold water without using bleach or stain remover, and should not be ironed or dry cleaned. Indefinite expiry date until the product begins to be used. After starting use, 24 months. Invel® will consider the date of the product's sales invoice as the start of use. ANVISA/MS Registration No.:81322470002
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