All in one Bio-Stimulating aqua-gel formulated with far-infrared MIG3 bioceramic technology, natural and botanical elements only found in Japan resulting in extraordinary benefits for the specific treatment of face, neck and hands....

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All in one Bio-Stimulating aqua-gel formulated with far-infrared MIG3 bioceramic technology, natural and botanical elements only found in Japan resulting in extraordinary benefits for the specific treatment of face, neck and hands.
Every time you use Hissamih it acts like a micro-laser treatment that compacts and restructures the skin's surface ensuring a balanced level of hydration, radiance and vitality to the skin.
What makes Hissamih different is that it's the only product that existes composed with  Invel’s Mig3 Bioceramic technology that stimulates micro circulation and deep hydration of the skin.  It has additional Japanese ingredients like Licorice Root Extract, Turmeric root extract, Tangerine pericarp extract, Yuzu fruit extract, and Pomegranate fruit extract that have effective anti-inflammatory and anti-aging benefits while increasing skin's luminosity, stimulating skin regeneration and skin repair.  Its light and velvety texture spreads easily and absorbs quickly, leaving skin dewy and supple.

What is Invel?

Established in 1992, Invel is a Medical Technology company with a primary focus on developing and researching FAR-INFRARED Technology.  One of our biggest contributions to human health has been the development of the MIG3 Bioceramic.   All Invel products are embedded with the patented MIG3 Bioceramic that is proven to stimulate Nitric Oxide production that

How do Invel products work?

Invel products are embedded with the patented MIG3 Bioceramic technology that captures the heat (Far-Infrared) reflected from our own body, converting it into a frequency of heat that reacts positively to our body.  This heat (Far-Infrared) reflected back into our body causes the stimulation of Nitric Oxide production.  Nitric Oxide has been proven to

What is MIG3 Bioceramic?

Invel’s MIG3 Bioceramic is a compound of minerals (not limited to titanium dioxide, silicon, aluminum….) that reacts to your body when it comes in contact.  Creating heat (far-infrared) waves that vibrate in the frequency between 3 to 14,8 µm. 

How long must the product be used for maximum effects?

Wear your wellness all day.  Each person reacts differently to feel or get the effects of using the Invel products.  It depends on your own metabolism. You may use for 24 hours a day, or some hours in a month. Clinical trials done in other countries, showed that 8 hours/day for 2 weeks seems a reasonable period for the usage.

Does Invel have to touch my skin for a greater effect?  

Products embedded with Invel technology does not have to touch the skin directly for greater effect.  It can be covered or layered without losing effectiveness.   Our body is always sending out heat. 

Will I feel Invel working? 

Clients who use Invel will experience an overall increase in the state of wellness.  While you will not actually feel the temporary increase  local blood circulation, your body will feel the Invel Technology.  It all depends on your life, health and lifestyle history. Some people feel 2C degrees temperature difference, others don’t feel 5C degrees difference. It doesn’t mean, it is warmer or colder. Invel works the same way.

Will my skin temperature increase if I’m reusing my body’s heat?  

No, your body’s heat is magnified back as Far-Infrared Ray into the body. If the circulation is increased, the body is able to either warm up or cool down, depending on the external environment.

Does the Invel MIG3 technology wear off with use?

The patented process that Invel uses to incorporate the MIG3® Bioceramic into the fibers will not lose its characteristics.

How should the product be washed?

Delicate Machine wash cold with like colors; use neutral soap
Dry low Tumble or line dry
Do not use bleach, fabric softeners or dryer sheets
Do not iron or dry clean
The MIG3 Bioceramic embedded into the core of the fibers will not wash or wear out. 

What has been done to prove that Invel works?

Due to each country’s health regulation, laws and consumer protection, Invel has either, registered in the Federal Regulatory Agencies in some countries, notified or followed an existing health category policy. It means that, a country statement is not validated in other countries, because of the costume, culture, population and consumer rights. The clinical trials were approved by an independent ethics committee (IEC), informed consent from the subjects and Invel products are manufactured under the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMPs).

Is Invel approved by the FDA?

Health Disclaimer

Invel is a non-invasive and non-addicting technology.  Invel products can be used by healthy individuals.  If you suspect you have a medical problem or disease please consult your physician or health care professional for advice, diagnosis and treatment. The MIG3 Technology mechanism of action of the production of Nitric Oxide can be printed from our website to explain to your physician how the Invel product works. 

Invel products are not intended to treat, diagnose, mitigate, prevent, or cure any condition or disease.



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