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Invel® Hot Yoga Easywear Top - Women with Bioceramic MIG3® Far-Infrared Technology

Invel® Hot Yoga Easywear Top - Women with Bioceramic MIG3® Far-Infrared Technology

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Introducing the Invel® Hot Yoga Easywear Top - Women with Bioceramic MIG3® Far-Infrared Technology – the perfect blend of style, comfort, and innovation. This sports bra is designed for medium-impact activities, ensuring that you stay active and supported while enjoying modern and functional features.

Key Characteristics:

1. Modern Detail on the Back: Stand out with the modern detail on the back of the sports bra. Not only does it add a touch of style, but it also enhances breathability, keeping you cool and comfortable during your workouts.

2. Anatomical Cut for Optimal Fit: Enjoy an anatomical cut that caters to your body's natural shape. The sports bra is designed to provide a snug fit, offering support where you need it the most. The anatomical cut ensures freedom of movement while maintaining the bra's integrity.

3. MIG3 Bioceramic Technology: The sports bra is equipped with Invel®'s exclusive MIG3® Bioceramic technology. This groundbreaking innovation radiates long infrared waves within the range of 3 to 14.8 µm. These waves contribute to improved blood microcirculation, promoting overall well-being, especially during physical activities.

4. Versatile Usage Instructions: Whether you're at home, work, engaged in physical exercise, or taking a well-deserved rest, this sports bra is suitable for various purposes. Its versatility allows it to seamlessly integrate into different aspects of your daily life.

5. Storage and Handling: For optimal care, store the sports bra at room temperature in a clean and dry place. Avoid contact with heavy, pointed, cutting objects, and rough surfaces to prevent any potential damage. Proper storage and handling contribute to the longevity of the product.

6. Cleaning and Conservation: Keeping the sports bra in top condition is hassle-free. Wash it with cold water and neutral soap, steering clear of bleach or stain removers. Skip ironing or dry cleaning, as the fabric is designed to maintain its quality without these additional steps.

7. Undetermined Shelf Life: While the exact shelf life is undetermined, Invel® products are known for their durability. With proper care, the Medium Impact Sports Bra is crafted to withstand the test of time, providing reliable support and benefits over an extended period.

Elevate your activewear collection with the Invel® Medium Impact Sports Bra – where fashion meets function for an enhanced workout experience.

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